Hubert Rutkowski

Hi! I am a programmer with 7 years of work experience.

Engineer and Master of Science in Applied Computer Science - graduated AGH University of Krakow and Technology. Currently live in Gdańsk/Poland.

Started with game development, working for few companies and solo created indie gamedev studio. Then I switched to compiler development at Intel, for 2.5 year writing part of graphics card driver.

In the meantime did some webdev projects, both on front and backend.


This website is my online portfolio of various work. I can do freelance work of many kinds - please write to me.


Total about 14 years of intensive coding (industry and own projects). Able to work with huge codebases. Quick to learn new technologies and concepts. Able to find and fix incredibly complex bugs.
Lot of object oriented programming experience, did some functional programming.
  • excellent: C++, ActionScript 3.0/flash
  • medium: C++ CLI, Delphi, UnrealScript, bash
  • basics: Java, C#, Python, Ada, Assembler, Prolog
  • lot of experience working with HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP
  • learning Angular 2, Typescript
  • SASS, bootstrap, jquery
  • basic networking, net protocols, security
  • basic MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, REST
  • basic LAMP stack server administrating (using XAMP locally)
  • worked at lot with Wordpress, worked with Magento (web shop platform)
Mostly gameplay programmer, so generalist. Low level code and high level engines. At times specialized in tools, AI, camera, input. Deep understanding of 3d graphics pipeline.

Engines, libraries and APIs used past at work:
  • Unreal Engine 3, Gamebryo, Unity, GRACE2, Flixel
  • OpenGL, FMOD, SDL, DirectX 10, HLSL
  • boost, STL, TinyXML, UnitTest++, QT, Angelscript, Direct3D 9, wxWidgets, GSAP, WinForms, OpenCL
  • Assimp, SDL_Image, SDL_TTF, SDL_gfx, SDL_Mixer, box2d, Nape, ...
  • Very familiar with git, svn, vim, bash and command line (using babun on Windows).
  • Lots of experience working in (and sometimes leading) varied teams. Used SCRUM in team, uses Agile methodologies in own work, likes aspects of eXtreme Programming.
  • Quite good at UI/UX, design, typography. Comfortable with 2d computer graphics using Photoshop/GIMP/Inkscape. Did some 3d graphics modelling and animations in Blender. Can do film and sound editing.
  • Good knowledge of computer hardware, building desktops, optimizing for temperature and tweaking performance.
  • Excellent Windows, very good MacOS, intermediate Linux.

Commercial Projects

  • 2.5 years worked at Intel Gdansk, writing shader compiler, that was running on Intel integrated graphics cards and targeting Apple Metal.
  • Gameplay programmer (C++) at Playlogic Game Factory (Netherlands) on Fairytale Fights. Helped to ship AAA title on PC/PlayStation3/Xbox360 using Unreal Engine 3. Did everything from AI and UI, through physics and multiplayer, to bug removal and optimization; main specialization: camera logic
  • C++ low level programmer at Reality Pump, working on parts of new engine GRACE2 for PC/X360/PS3/Mac/IOS/Android. Mostly making C++ CLI tool for asset management. Later became GRACE2 technology evangelist, created website (Wordpress), made presentations at conferences, designed promo videos
  • Main programmer in small Krakow startup Echo, working on 3d top-view tactical shooter using Unity. Planning, communication with artists, coding the prototype, negotiations with investor, game design
  • Independent game developer, solo created game Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs for Flash/browsers (ActionScript3), sold primary license. Kept working this way for 2 years as Koshmaar Games, also making special Ninja Cat versions for interested foreign clients/portals. Responsibilities: doing everything by myself – tech, art, business, marketing, webdev...
  • Gameplay programmer for Nibris, working on Sadness - first polish game for Wii. My job: input and Wiimote movement recognition; general gameplay and engine additions
  • 1 month student internship at InImages, working on rigid body physics in 2d game


For the time being, full list of my games is here on older homepage. Here you find other kinds of projects, and finally here are games created with other people during jams (contests).


Most of my web projects, some paid, some done for experience.