Hubert Rutkowski

Hi! I am a programmer with 7 years of work experience on varied projects.

Started with gamedevelopment - C++, 3D graphics, game engines, low level. Then I switched to compilers work at Intel, writing part of graphics card driver. In the meantime did many webdev projects, and now want to focus on that - especially front end (javascript apps), but also back end. I am quite good at UI/UX, design, typography.

I live in Gdansk, Poland and am 30+ years old friendly guy :)

Warning: this website is a work in progress


This website is my online portfolio of webdev work. I can do freelance work of many kinds - please write to me.


Examples of some of my web projects.


Before webdev, I was specialized in programming games. Able to work with huge C++ codebases. Deeply understand 3d graphics. Very familiar with git, bash and command line in Linux. Lots of experience working in (and sometimes leading) varied teams.

As for some interesting projects:

  • 2.5 years worked at Intel, writing shader compiler, that was running on Intel integrated graphics cards and targeting Apple Metal.
  • worked for Playlogic (Dutch studio) as gameplay programmer on Fairytale Fights, a Unreal Engine 3 powered console AAA game
  • cooperated with Sense Lang (Izreali company) for some serious customizations to Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs
  • gameplay programmer for Nibris, working on Sadness - first polish game for Wii