Hubert Rutkowski

Hi! I am a polish programmer with experience in: gamedev, compiler development, webdev. Now focusing on backend, with Goland/Python and with machine learning.

Engineer and Master of Science in Applied Computer Science - graduated AGH University of Krakow and Technology.

Currently living in Warsaw.


This website is my online portfolio of various work. I can do freelance work of many kinds - please write to me.


I have around 10 years of working in industry experience, and another 10 coding custom projects. Started programming with game development. Worked for few companies, finally decided to create solo indie gamedev studio Koshmaar Games. Then I switched to compiler development at Intel, for 2.5 year writing part of graphics card driver. Worked for a year in cloud project as fullstack dev at Solwit - Django/REST framework, and Angular2+ with Typescript. In 2018 started work at - as backend, in Golang/Python, with microservices using Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, Vagrant and other.


Selected posts from my old blog:


Other projects

Here you can find full list of other projects.

Jam games

Games created with other people during jams (contests).


Most of my web projects, some paid, some done for experience.